The 7 Day Artist: Refuelling the Actor

Thinking of giving up acting? Losing motivation and confidence by the day? Hold on!

The 7 Day Artist: Refuelling the Actor is a powerful, practical short course that you can do in your own time and your own home! 

It consists of 7 separate, downloadable classes that refocus, motivate and generate confidence in the actor using practical exercises and solid techniques from the world of Shakespeare and Stanislavski supported by teachings that transform your mindset and experience. 

One of the most common issues in the hundreds of actors we work with is a fading confidence in their abilities despite having invested hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds into their talent and passion. As the confidence bleeds, so do the successes which hits your confidence again - it’s a vicious circle isn't it?

The 7 Day Artist powerfully attacks those issues at their core and fills actors of any experience, especially those who are losing their drive, with renewed vigour for their craft and career

The course covers: 

Day 1 Autonomy; Becoming self reliant and empowered. 

Day 2 Ownership; The key ingredient to success in EVERY area. 

Day 3 Goals; Where and who do you want to be? 

Day 4 Discipline; How daily work changes your world.

Day 5 Power; Where to focus your energy to truly make it count. 

Day 6 Freedom; Don't Fear Failure and Learn To Think Like The Character

Day 7 Fight; Develop the thing that makes YOU totally unique. 
Used as a week long immersion or done over several weeks if more convenient, this beautifully designed resource is yours for life. It’s packed with inspiring principles and ideas from leading industry members and hard won experience, that sharpen your practical skillset and remind you why you do what you do and, most importantly, how and why you can and should succeed!
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What you get when you join today:
  • 8 Weeks Coaching​​- Join me live every week for 8 weeks and put everything you've learned into practice until you OWN Shakespeare!
  • “The Pragmatic playwright”: How holding a working knowledge of the world Shakespeare was writing for immediately answers some of the toughest questions and removes seeming obstacles for actors.
  • “The Subliminal Score”: Learn to access the underlying rhythms on the page to confidently play the scene as Shakespeare originally intended with little to no external direction.
  • "Essential Scenic Assessment”: A systematic approach to Shakespearean text analysis, reducing whats on the page to practical, usable information.
  • Live With Simon - Online Coaching Sessions with Simon Trinder
  • COMMUNITY​- Support from our active & awesome secret Facebook Community
  • Online Masterclasses​ - 20+ Videos sharing the step-by-step guide to mastering Shakespeare and classical text
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